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      Our tall white steeple and red doors call out to the community that all are welcome to come and feel the love of Christ and the love of our church family. Our worship services are on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. with adult Sunday School at 9:30 a.m. For our youth, we have #OAKZ. Our mission statements are Extending God’s Call – Empowering God’s People – Easing Human Need. We are located at 1576 Chantilly Lane, and our telephone number is 713-682-2556.

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       On Saturday, October 24th, from 3 to 5 pm we are having a Monster Musical Mash!! Zoia Golofeeva, Oaks’ music director, also teaches at the Suzuki Music Academy. Her voice and piano students are doing a concert for the Oak Forest/Garden Oaks communities. Each student will be dressed as his/her character as he/she performs. Queen Elsa will be here along with Rapunzel, Spider Man, Morticia Addams, just to name a few members of the cast. Following the live performances there will be a reception in Payne Hall with treats and Halloween games. Come in costume and join in the fun!!!

       On Sunday, November 1st, following the church service, we will be putting together seamen’s boxes. Please check the newsletter for the items that we need.

       IT’S HERE!!!The anchor cross sculpted by James Phillips is now on display in our prayer garden!!


bell choir piano

Bell choir practice:

       Bell Choir Practice 5:45-6:45 pm Wednesdays

       Chancel Choir Practice 7 – 8 pm Wednesdays



       As you know I am reading Thom S. Rainer’s latest book entitled I Will! – Nine Traits of the Outwardly Focused Christian. This month I will discuss our attitude toward small groups. Small groups, you say? We are a small group. No, not really! For me, a small group is less than 10 people. I want to begin this notion with looking at Acts 2:46: “Every day they devoted themselves to meeting together in the temple complex and broke bread from house to house.” Please note the two contexts in which the believers met. They gathered for worship in the temple courts, and then they gathered in groups outside the context of corporate worship. The health of the early church was tied to both corporate worship and the smaller meeting context. It was NOT either/or; it was BOTH/AND. There are two factors that I would like to examine on how groups help grow an outwardly focused church.
        First, the health of the church is directly tied to the health of the groups in church. What groups are you talking about, Noelie? Let me list the groups we have in this church: bell choir, chancel choir, lunch bunch, the book club (Eat, Pray, Read!), session, #OAKZ, Bible study groups (Saints Under Construction), Older Adults Konnecting Socially, GOOF, contemplative prayer group, and adult Sunday school. If you are not involved in some group outside corporate worship, you are not doing all you should be doing for your own spiritual health as well as the church’s spiritual health. Though we grow spiritually in our own personal devotion time, we also grow in community with others. Now, you could say to me, “I am not interested in any of those groups.” Then, I would like to encourage you to form a group in which you have interest within reason, of course. We have no writing group, travel group, stock investment group, movie group, wine group, sewing group, painting group, etc. If you are not involved in a group at church because you are just too busy, then I invite you to join the lunch bunch. The lunch bunch goes to lunch together after the worship service. Don’t eat alone, and come and join us!! Don’t be a peripheral member/friend of the church. Do something with us; so that we can get to know you, and you can get to know us.
        Second, everyone in a group should be inviting others to the group. Through New Beginnings, we have talked about opening ourselves to the community. One way to do this is inviting friends or acquaintances to something you know they would like to do and which we offer. If we don’t have something you are interested in, then start a new group!
        Being involved with the church outside corporate worship is important not only to you but also to Oaks.

Something to think about and pray about.
In God’s love and joy,
Pastor Noelie

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