Oaks Church

The adult Sunday school at Oaks Presbyterian Church follows the curriculum entitled The Wired Word. It is an adult Bible study based on current events. Each ready-to-use weekly installment includes the following items to spark discussion and to relate the messages contained in Scripture passages to current headlines:

  • In the News discusses a current event to be analyzed in a biblical context each week.
  • The Big Questions provide a framework for the discussion.
  • Confronting the News with Scripture provides the substance of the lesson.
  • Discussion Questions help to encourage additional in-depth exploration of the topic at hand.

The topics have been timely and have spirited good discussion. Noelie is sending the class an e-mail of each week’s lesson. If you are interested in receiving the lessons, please give Noelie your e-mail address. We meet at 9:30 on Sunday morning. Check out The Wired Word at www.thewiredword.com.